Bringing Life To Efl Classes By Creative Drama

Filiz Rızaoğlu


Creative Drama is an informal and improvisational form of drama, created by the participants. As a teaching tool it blends well with the teaching of English as a foreign language. Taking into consideration the monotony and  artificiality in the traditional learning settings, the strong link of creative drama with the real world and daily life makes it one of the most effective and communicative methods of language teaching and learning. This paper presents creative drama as a student-centered and real-to-life way of teaching English. It also introduces the phases of the process and states the rationale for using it in the classroom as well as the benefits offered to the students.  Finally ways of incorporating creative drama in the EFL syllabus are suggested.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Drama- in-education, creative drama, phases of creative drama, EFL

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